Texas Rescue


November 13 leave

November 16 return

Stefanie & her husband Duane headed to Texas on the evening of November 13 to pull a pitbull, a pregnant pitbull & a family that was going to be euthanized because of mange. On the way there, plans changed & both the pitbulls had found fosters so they did not need to come to Arizona so they were just going to rescue the mange family.

They arrived at PVAC in Edinburg, Texas Thursday morning when they opened. Since they went all that way, Stef said "If you give me crates to transport, I will fill my car." So Stef pulled the family with mange (momma + 4 puppies), a lab mix family (momma + 7 puppies), german short haired pointer mix family (momma + 4 puppies) & 2 oprhan shepard mix puppies siblings. Yes, that is a total of 20 dogs!

Stef had already arranged to take the mange family to the vet to get them the injections they needed to start healing from the mange. Mange is curable & no dog should die because of it!

They drove straight through back to Tucson, Arizona. They returned Saturday, November 16th. When they arrived, all hands were on deck. We got all the mommas out of their crates to go to the bathroom. They were all underwight, starving & terrified. The lab mix momma started pooping straight blood, so her & her pups were taken to the vet. We got the other families situated inside where they could start to decompress.

We named mama Dolly. Her puppies were all males & named: Cooper, Wayland, Johnny & Roy. Since the mange was contagious, we bathed them outside with gloves, trimmed nails & soothed their skin. Cooper was the runt of the family & was in very bad shape. He had a lot of hair loss & a bloated belly. We had to use a special shampoo & lime dip to continue to treat the mange & heal them. We frequently took them out front to get them fresh air & Dolly LOVED to go on walks. She was very curious & did well with the harness/leash.

We named the lab mix mama Summer. She had 4 males named: Griffey, Aries, Eddie & Buddy along with 3 females named: Izzy, Luna & Sunny. They immediately went to their foster home with one of our team members. They fattened Summer up & got her back to a healthy weight. Her puppies thrived & grew so much!

Our german short haired mix family was nicknamed "The Baker's Family!" Mama was named Cookie! She had 2 male pups named Nutmeg & Sugar along with 2 female pups named Vanilla & Flour! Their eyes werent even open yet when we got them. Cookie was timid, protective & a good mama! She fed them & started to trust us to handle them.

The 2 oprhan siblings were COVERED in fleas. We immediately gave them a bath with flea & tick shampoo to get them cleared of them. It took mulitple baths & lots of combing. They were named Buster (male) & Klondike (female). Buster was very tiny & brown. Klondike was fluffy, much larger than him & pure white!