Starling is a female wheaten terrier mix around 7 months old. She is spayed, microchipped & vaccinated per her age. She weighs around 30 lbs currently. Her breed/mix is our best guess, we can not guarantee anything!
Starling has lived her whole life outside. She is adjusting to living indoors slowly. She is still very much a PUPPY & learning to trust. She is starting to approach people for pets & she shows her belly when shes receiving love. She is submissive. She is learning how to play with toys! She is not house trained at all. She is learning to go outside on the patio when the door is opened for her. She is a follower but is also very smart. She loves meeting new dogs & would do well in a home with another 4-legged friend to tag along with while she gains her confidence. She has never been on a leash/harness & will need continued training. She is a flight risk & is very curious when doors are opened. She needs a home that has a secured, attached backyard where she can play & potty until she can start going for walks. She does not mind being in a kennel. She does not necessarily need grooming, but her coat will need consistent brushing to avoid matting. She absolutely LOVES water from a spray bottle, hose, etc. She does well in a bath.
We know she is adorable! Please understand she needs time, training, consistency, routine & patience to grow into her best dog self!
If you can open your home & heart to Starling with where she is right now in her journey, please complete an adoption application & you will be contacted if your application fits her current needs.