February 24, 2020 by Ashley Herrick

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Fancy was at Palm Valley Animal Center (PVAC) in Edinburg, Texas. She was pregnant and ready to give birth. She only had 24 hours to be saved before she was euthanized!

Stefanie found Fancy on PVAC’s Facebook page May 16th, 2019. She started networking through social media pleading for anyone to help pull Fancy and get her out of the shelter.

Stefanie pulled fancy from PVAC and transport took her to a boarding facility in San Antonio, Texas on May 21st. At this shelter, a huge outbreak of distemper was occurring. Distemper affects several body systems including the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts, the spinal cord and brain. Fancy did see a vet while she was in boarding on May 23rd and thankfully did not have distemper, but the vet couldn’t confirm that she was pregnant. She gave birth the next morning at the boarding facility.

Fancy had given birth to 11 puppies on Friday, May 24th, 2019. Layne Blake saw all of the pleading on Facebook for someone to go save Fancy and her puppies, so she drove the two and a half hours in the middle of the night to pull her out of boarding. 6 of the 11 puppies died within the first 24 hours of being born.

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Everyone arrived safely back in Tucson June 1st, 2019. The travelling vet immediately started Fancy on antibiotics, steroids and did blood work. Fancy was diagnosed with heartworm. She had an eye infection, ear infection, uterus infection and skin infection that left her coat discolored. From what everyone could see, the puppies were doing amazing! The puppies health rapidly declined and they began to die June 11th. The puppies needed to have oxygen administered & nebulizers were needed. They were on heating pads and were fed by hand, but it wasn’t enough to save them. We lost one puppy a day to Upper Respiratory Infection. Lane was the only puppy of Fancy’s that survived.

Fancy had cysts on her vulva and her mammogram showed masses in her breast tissue. The x-ray from her chest showed that her lungs were too cloudy to do surgery, so she was put on a 30 day heartworm medication to help start loosening up the worms. Then, we did the first of 3 injections to cure the heart worm and she was put on Prendazone. 30 days later she got her second injection and started weining off the prednazone. Her last injection was 24 hrs later.

Fancy had her follow up heartworm test and it came back NEGATIVE! She is a full figured lady! She is full of energy, LOVES going on walks and plays so nicely with all of the other dogs. Her skin infection is healed and her coat is back to its beautiful, shiny, black, fullness! She enjoys being pet and paid attention too but is still learning to accept the love she is given.

Lane, her only living pup, was fostered by one of our team members! He was crate trained, potty trained, learned all of his commands in no time and was socialized with her cat and older dog! He is the smartest boy & was later adopted to the best family and renamed Levi!

On March 7, 2021, Fancy found her new beginning & got adopted by the most wonderful family! They are going to give her the best rest of her life & we are so beyond happy for her! She deserves it after all that she has been through! We love you, Fancy!

This is why we rescue! To give a chance to the dog's who were given up on.